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The sun was streaming through the slits in the curtains. I noticed this right away because the sun has been essentially in hiding since November. I know February isn't a bright month, but this month has been worse than I can remember. Not cold, but grey and depressing. But this morning had all the makings of a beautiful day.

Delighted that there was sunshine (and on my day off no less!) I got up and planned to take a walk in the morning, rather than doing whatever chores I had in mind for today and then go for a walk. If I did, the weather would've undoubtedly changed again, as it had on a hundred days just like this. I was tired though and intent on seeing my day off calmly, instead of rushing out and feeling exhausted before I even got to the park. So I lounged in the sunshine in bed for a while, petting a contented cat. Finally, when I'd had enough of that, I made myself a lunch box and headed out.

I walked through the small park first, instead of straight on to the big park that I like to visit when the weather is good. The park looked like it's sprung some unexpected lakes over the last few days and dogs were running around, jumping in the enormous pools and getting themselves dirty all over. As dogs do. Happy with my little detour, I stopped over at a beloved lunch place to get a coffee to go before I got to the big park. I have the cutest, tiniest, little thermos now, so I can finally do that! "Hey, love! What can I get you today?" "Do you have decaf?" "I do not.." "Then a regular latte it is!" "Coming right up!" "Beautiful day today isn't it?!" "Ugh YES. And after this weekend." "Cats and dogs right?? I went out for a big yesterday and I came home just soaked to the bone." "Oh no. I had my day off yesterday but it was a day better spent indoors." "Absolutely. Now I'm going to go to the park and sit in the sunshine and just enjoy my day off." "Rub it in why don't you! Here's your coffee." "Have a lovely day!" "And you!"

-- to be continued (yes I'm totally drafting this ahead of time so that this enormous story will play out over multiple days. ;)) --

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