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Today I spent my working day photographing, video editing and preparing a total of 6 social media posts! 3 for Instagram and another 3 for Twitter on the new profile I set up (https://twitter.com/KynthaDraws) to try and see if that'll help generate some traction for me! I haven't done much for the Twitter account though so don't be shocked to find it empty.

I'm surprised that I managed to do so much. I edited together a one minute video (no audio though) and edited and scheduled a work-in-process/line-art only post and a finished result post, all of this in the span of a bit over 2 hours. Considering the posting schedule I've planned out (every Wednesday and every Saturday) this means I don't have to think about this again until Friday next week, which is wonderful! I already feel so relieved that all of is done and it felt like a normal and proper workday, just a bit more fun because I got to work on art-related things! Normally I do this next to my normal work schedule, so it feels like a whole lot of space has opened up before me.

I'm very curious to see how the rest of this week will pan out, what I'll be able to accomplish. and how I'll be feeling by the end of it.

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