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Patreon is launched!

Well if you happen to peek here between now and.. two hours from now you'll be getting the scoop because I just officially launched my Patreon page!! 😄

You can find it by clicking this whole line here!!

Over the past week, I had a lot of ups and downs, some of which I shared here. It was more of a rollercoaster than I'd had in a while. I felt very sad at moments and at times I let this get me down. I think that's a natural part of coming to terms with a life that's restricted in some ways. But if there's anything I've learned about myself, it's that I never let it get me down long. From every period of sadness comes a whole new period of careful, scary but renewed hope. That whole sunshine behind the clouds bit seems to hold a lot of truth for me. And so I did what any reasonable person would do. I bought an inflatable tub and launched a Patreon page! Just kidding, that last thing didn't happen until just now.

The inflatable tub is amazing should you be wondering. I should dedicate a whole post to that alone!

In any case, it made me realise once again that with all the difficulties I live with and all the things I have to miss out on, I do have a lot of really great things going on. Sometimes they aren't enough. But when they are, I'll embrace them with both arms because they are wonderful!


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By Leonie Jonk 💘

Designer & Illustrator with a burnout. I write fiction, the odd tech or design article & I write about my personal struggle with Burnout.

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