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Patreon reward ideas??

As part of my plans of bringing turning my art business into more of a.. business, I've been thinking about starting up a Patreon. There are a million reasons I can think of why I shouldn't,
"Nobody will give me money"
"I'll be so disappointed and hurt"
"I'm ridiculous, I have nothing to offer"
"It will cost more energy then it'll give me, I should put that into something else"
And these reasons have been shooting through my brain for a year now. Some of them may even be true. All of them may be true. And yet.. I want to try. I want to play with the cool kids. I want to try what they try. And I want to figure out if I can do it in a way that'll give me joy and energy as I do it, without sacrificing my health. What better way to test that then by doing this? Why not this?

After going over the particulars of the finances, I know that at this point I cannot offer physical rewards so that leaves me with digital options. I've checked dozens of Patreons of other artists (I've supported several!) and I've come up with a few ideas of what I can offer.

Now, there are two options for me on Patreon as a starting artist, I could go with a single tier or a multiple tier one. The first would cost me 5% of my earnings, the second 8% and so I've decided to go with the second. Because Tiers are nice! So far this is what I figured I could offer:

$ 1,-

  • My eternal love & gratitude
  • Slice of life: I share a monthly newsletter of what I've been working on, what I'm planning and what I've run into with regards to life, art and starting up an art business!
  • Motto pics!

$ 5,-

  • All previous rewards.
  • Colouring page: At least 1 line-art for you to download and colour yourself! I'll scan it at a super high resolution and offer at least 1 new piece a month.
  • 15% off of everything in my Etsy Shop with a monthly changing code.
  • A monthly poll where you get to choose a topic, a color scheme, or something else! (optional, Idk if I want to give them that kind of power over my art whims??)
  • I share with you my sketches, WIPS and other process shots when they happen
  • Learn with me: As I learn, I will share my learnings with you! This could be related to art, such as particulars I've learned of different materials, or sending along tutorials or video's I've run into for references or things with regards to starting up an online art business. (Not sure how this and the Slice of Life stuff will be different? Or is just showing sketches enough?)

$ 10,-

  • All previous rewards.
  • ????????


  • No particulars, do what you want

GOALS: If we manage to gather €500,- I'm buying a printer and opening up physical reward options such as a Postcard or Sticker club!

I think this might be doable but I worry some might be too much? Or not enough? I'm just not sure.. What do you all think?

After I've hammered this out, then all I have to do is come up with a theme for the Tiers! (and make a banner and tier icons) Any ideas? 😬

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