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Landlord came by

The landlord came by today with a handyman to check out some things around the house.

The spot on the living room ceiling: It's fine, it doesn't look like there's any new leakage from anywhere. There was some trouble with the shower a year or more ago and that caused the spot. After that, they fixed it up and painted it and all that but it looks like it came through anyway. There's no leakage and it's not our fault so honestly, I don't really care.

The window that was leaking a bunch of water during the last storm. Looks like just a lot of water got into the frame when it was tilted and it was raining harder than it could let the water out so it went inside too. We'll keep an eye on it.

The shed seems to have had some mild flooding (is that a thing?) during the last storm too. We discovered this some days later. There was water under the mat, the wall seems to have soaked up some water and it poured all the way to one side. Some of the wood that was standing there ready for Dim to use got wet and is now useless but other than that there's not a lot of damage. When they placed the new bottom sills they didn't seal the bottom with silicone spray or whatever you call that, so it probably came up from there. We noticed this after they'd finished it but we don't know how to build houses so we trusted it was fine.

Last but not least, the mouldy closet! Looks like the underside of the house is fine now, the sand was dry in the crawlspace. The floor there, however, was soaked according to the handyman guy and had to be removed. Somehow a lot of water must've gotten in there and the floor must have soaked it all up. There is probably mould in there and that got onto our things. We're going to empty out what's still in there (some heavy things we didn't feel like moving) and then the landlord will be back himself to tear out the floor. We'll leave it open then to air out for a week and if it's not dry there by then he'll get us an electric dehumidifier. Once it's dry, he'll get a new floor put in and some air holes in the door and everything will be good!

Poor guy. He must've bought this house a few years back and has been renting it out ever since and it has been nothing but trouble. According to him, he's already had to put in over 11000 in renovations. That's nearly a whole year's rent. Boy am I happy we're renting!

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