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There were some photos in the newspaper this week from the Hubble space telescope. Photo's I've been familiar with most of my life because my parents had a newspaper clipping of them hanging in our toilet. (yes from the same newspaper!)

I was reminded again of how gorgeous and awe-inspiring I found these images. These clouds of space dust and sparkles, containing infinite worlds, infinite universes even! I've always found space endlessly fascinating, which makes sense because there's an endless supply of it! In all seriousness, I did always love space. The idea of it.
Growing up watching Star Trek every night and getting treated to, not only a fun tv-show but also to the opportunity to imagine different worlds and wonders in a way I couldn't have thought of before. To a canvas of imagination that stretched far beyond what we know.

Ever since I've loved reading about space, be it fiction or fact because I've also enjoyed reading countless articles too. And although I'm not clever enough to remember all that I've read (I'll understand it for a split second and an hour later it's all lost) I was always amazed and intrigued by it. It didn't matter if it was an article about the inevitable end of the universe as we know it, or a new exciting discovery that was made, all of it was fascinating! I realised today that there's another reason why it's so easy to love. Because despite what the content is, it is always far enough away that it doesn't affect me, personally, if it's a bad kind of thing. And it's always far enough away that it can inspire me and everyone else to imagine whatever we might like. Because in an infinite universe, everything could be possible. Even the very best of things.

Thanks Hubble, for giving us inspiration and hope.

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