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Heat wave

Good morning. Today is day 6 or 7 of the heatwave. It's the first time in recorded history (since they started recording in 190- something) that the Netherlands has had a temperature of 35 degrees or higher for 5 days in a row. In an effort to survive this momentous climate we've moved our entire life from whichever part of the house it belonged before, down to the living room. Every night we inflate an air mattress and every morning we deflate it again. We work at the dining room table and we eat and relax on the sofa. Considering this room is the one where we've set up our mobile AC, this works out fairly well. It feels a little like camping, or a tiny vacation, even amongst our regular routine.

Yesterday, despite a lot of pain, was a great day. I spent a lot of it painting and it went smoothly and without mishap. Then in the late afternoon my parents picked us up and we went for a walk and a swim with the dogs. It's been nearly a year since I swam outside! It was so lovely! There was a breeze, the water was warm and the area wasn't so crowded because it's the doggy beach and not everyone likes wet dogs running all around them haha. Silly people.

Every upside has its downside. After so many days on an air mattress though, my poor back is killing me. It was hurting so much last night that I simply couldn't lay on that mattress. I ended up sleeping in bed for a few hours until I got too overheated and then on the sofa for the rest of the night.

And so this morning I woke up at 7, uncomfortable and unable to sleep again. Motto curled up to lay with me and kept me down for another 30 minutes of snoozing but after that, I gave up and got up. While Dim still slept in the centre of the room I snuck around him, quiet as a mouse. Growing up prepared me for this. My father always took a nap in the afternoon and was often sickly (or hungover) and my mother got bad headaches and when either of these was the case I had to sneak around the house without making a sound. I was a kid with ADHD though, so I failed on a fair number of occasions, either because whatever I was doing was far noisier than I expected or because I simply forgot about being quiet. Today though, Dim got another hour in and that's pretty good.


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