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I have to switch off

I've been doing a lot of thinking about my business, and after some deliberation decided that I want to split it in two. I don't feel like I can fully market the stuff that I currently have available on my Etsy store on my current social media platforms, because it just looks too different. This puts off all my new followers who follow me for my newer work and the people who start following because of the type of stuff that's currently on my Etsy. In short, it leads to confusion for both types of people, the ones who like the cute stuff and those who don't.
So I have two options.
Dropping it all together and focusing on the future that I want to build for myself. One where I keep painting what I paint and work on elevating the work I'm creating. So I can keep growing in a sustainable way. Both in monetary value & personal.
I split the two up.
I still have a lot of marketing avenue's that I haven't explored for my Etsy store and it saddens me to think that I'd just leave them all to go unsold. I have a nearly perfect stock of prints and merchandise, still laying around. And although I might still not sell it if I try to market it better, at least this way, there's a chance I might.
It'll require a lot of work though. I'll have to go about rebranding my personal art and then moving all of my Etsy stuff to alternative accounts. Once all that is done, I can start moving on again.
And this is exactly where the problem lies.
I've been in pain, my back hurts from tension and working in odd positions, my head hurts fiercely because I'm having serious trouble turning 'off'. Every day I work on it, almost every time of day too. I need to stop because I'm tired and overwhelmed and yet I still feel it pulling at me. I want to finish this. But I want to not be in pain even more.

Time to turn the computer off. And the iPad. And the phone. And stare at a romcom on NetFlix. Something dumb and easy. Maybe then I'll be able to let it go for a few hours. Maybe then I can relax a bit and start recovering a bit. If I don't, I know that I'm heading straight for another flare-up, one that'll keep me in bed for weeks and I just don't want that again.

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