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When you're trying to build a new habit, one of the biggest pieces of advice is to start with one thing and to start small. Although I firmly believe in starting small, I stubbornly refuse to stick to a single thing. And so, at any point in time, I find myself juggling and failing at building a number of healthy habits. Some end up sticking over time while others simply fade away into oblivion, proven too difficult to maintain.

Some of the habits I'm currently working on:

  • Not using my phone between 11.30 & 16.00
  • Morning & Evening facial routine including; cleanser, serum, jade rollering & day or night cream
  • Night routine including; taking valerian root, massaging my feet with magnesium oil
  • Improving my eating habits, such as;
  • Preparing food before I start feeling weak & dizzy from hunger
  • Eating healthier foods during the day
  • Making sandwiches with things like lettuce, tomato and other additional things instead of just slapping a slice of some meat on it and trying to eat that despite my mouths unwillingness to do that
  • No more late evening snacks (so eating more in the earlier evening)
  • Improving my morning routing, aka not playing Animal Crossing for an hour or more after breakfast but (after checking them turnip prices) starting with some self-care/washing up and some work
  • Not filling every bit of time with Things such as reading, playing, watching or listening to things
  • Taking breaks every half hour of work-like things
  • Keep up a workout routine for my Physical Therapy Exercises (at least 2 or 3 times a week)
  • Walking every other day for at least 20 minutes
  • Taking care of the plants

I'm hoping most of these will stick because all of them contribute to me feeling better on a daily basis. Especially the food & rest ones are BIG influencers of how I feel throughout the day. I spent the past week eating food at times that were good for me instead of, you know.. half an hour after I'm already starving, and I felt much more energized throughout the day. Today, I'm failing at most of these completely. Food and not too many things especially (face & plants were taken care of though!) But I always believe that every day is a new day to try again. Tomorrow I'll do better. And if not then, the next day. Or the next.


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By Leonie Jonk 💘

Designer & Illustrator with a burnout. I write fiction, the odd tech or design article & I write about my personal struggle with Burnout.

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