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Green wall

My livingroom wall is green now! Or that is to say, one of them. And it's AMAZING!

The end.

Seriously though, it looks super good. Today Dimitri and I spent nearly the whole day painting 1 part out of two of our living room wall. He taped off the whole section, together we hung up plastic sheets. Painted the edges by hand. Going over those edges an hour later (we were tired and we needed lunch) with a small roller and then did the whole bit with a big roller. Dimitri did most of the big and hard work, while I puttered around with my little roller and stuck the tape back when the plastic started falling down from the ceiling (we couldn't risk dark-green splatters on the freshly white painted ceiling, our landlord would have a fit). After that I took a nearly two hour nap with a hot water bottle because every muscle in my body was shaking and after Chinese food we rollered another layer on. It was quite a lot of work and sadly we can still see a lot of little white specks if you look from certain directions (it's a textured wall.. which I hate) but I really don't care. It looks wonderful! Already the house feels so much warmer. So much more like home! Now all we have to do is figure out what we want to hang on the wall for final decorations and this part will be all done. I almost can't believe it! (in a good way).
It'll take us a few weeks before we get to the second part and before we paint the wall in the bedroom the way we want and I'm sure to be aching come morning but that's okay. The ache will pass and those other things will happen when the time is right. We did it! And this colour is here to prove it.
Some days I'm shocked to realise how little I can handle (this morning my hands were shaking after lifting my arms for just a few minutes) and some days I'm surprised by how much I can do. Apparently both can happen in one day too! I hope I'll never stop trying to do these things. They make me feel alive and closer to the real world in some indescribable way.

It's amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do 💚

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