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Etsy updated again! Finally.

Today I finally managed to hit publish on all the Postcards I had made for the August Comic Market. I can't believe it took me this long and at the same time, I can't believe that I finally did it! For almost 5 months I've had this box hidden away in my office, full of the merch I've made that no one can see or buy because there is no place to do so. At times, it felt like I never would. To be fair, there are a lot of good reasons why I hadn't gotten it online so far. Even with all the help I've had, it was a crazy amount of work.

First, there was the photoshoot itself.
I spent 4 days taking photos, dozens of photos per product and hundreds of photos in all. Not all of these were good, which is why there were several tries for every single one and several retries for some. You see, I have no idea how to operate a proper camera and although I'm a quick study, I'm not THAT quick. I also didn't have studio lighting so I did as much as I could between 14.15 and 15.30 when the light was right enough to take bright enough photos because, shocker, that little bulb dangling from the ceiling didn't QUITE do the trick.

Then there was the sorting. Then prepping the photos for editing and then the gargantuan task of editing. Because these were taken with real lighting the conditions of each photo were slightly different. Depending on how the camera corrected and depending on how many clouds were in the sky or what kind of product was laying there or... Well, you can imagine.
Even with my boyfriend and his bestie helping prep dozens of products for editing (because even doing THAT takes a huge amount of time) I still had to go over everything to fix major problems.

One might say I'm a perfectionist.
One might be right.
But boy did I let go of a lot of my expectations along this process!

Last but not least, there was the job of uploading all of that! Prepping the product descriptions, tags, an Instagram post and all that jazz. This week this took me a whole 4 hours! And to consider I had to do all of this while focusing most if not all my attention on my client work or just resting. And resting and resting and.. Honestly I'm already scared of what I'll feel like tomorrow, I still have 3 hours of client work to do and.. I know I won't manage it. I'm scared now. I'm scared that this was too big a risk, scared that it wasn't worth it. That I'll relapse and spend the next week in bed. That I'll have to cancel everything else because I went all-in with this and that it was worthless. But it's done now. That weight that's been on my shoulders since August, is lessened. My todo list ever so much shorter.

Nobody will buy anything (because it took months to sell 1 sticker, I'm not quite holding my breath) but that's not the point. It's up there. The possibility is there. They're up. They're finally up. The postcards. Are. Done.

Only the magnets, A5 & A4 prints to go. 🤦‍♀️

If you want to see the shop, it's here : https://www.etsy.com/nl/shop/kynthadraws


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