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Etsy Shop update!

Today I finally did it! I edited and uploaded the last of the products I shot in late August onto my Etsy. It took a mere 9 and a half months to go from having merch, to having the merch online. A total of 40 different products which include 5 prints of A4 size, 7 prints of A5 size, 12 postcards, 11 stickers and 2 magnets. All of them are now online and purchasable! (it's a word now, go with it)

If you'd like to take a look, you can find my Etsy shop here

There are many reasons why it took me so long to get to this point. Many things that I could improve on in the future. Better photography setup with lights so I can more easily control the environment and won't have to spend as much time editing. Using bulk editing actions. Not being such a perfectionist. Working with my camera phone over a camera I don't quite know how to use. All of these things would make it a hell of a lot easier and quicker. But the biggest problem is priorities. Considering the limited energy and time I have, I spent most of it on client work over the past months. This meant that I could only work on the shop whenever I had a week where I happened to feel better than average, so I could quickly gobble up that energy and spend it on this. Whole months would go by before a week like this would come around.
This is clearly not ideal and I've decided that for the future I'll need to allocate time better to spend on this kind of stuff if I ever want to make it work. I need to figure out how to turn this into a business, instead of just a hobby. And I need to figure it out with what I have available to me, energy-wise. I've been talking about this a lot with Fiene and although I'm not sure what moves I want to make next, I've been thinking about it a lot. I want to turn this into a business. Now all I need to figure out is the how.

For my Etsy, all I want to add now is the 2 postcards & 2 A5 prints that I got printed after this photoshoot (of the blue wall & love/depression) and add 2 other postcards I'd been meaning to add. Then I'll be done with everything I've made up to 2019 and then, maybe, I can start working on new stuff. If I decide I still want to that is.

To be honest, it feels completely underwhelming right now. On the one hand, for me, this was clearly a big accomplishment. The amount of time, energy and love that went into this is crazy. On the other, it took such a hell of a long time and I'll probably sell.. nothing. But for now, it's up there. I did it. I finished it. I should be proud of that. Go me!


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