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Elevating my art

Steps: I'm at 5k now, just short of my 6k goal. Not sure I'll reach it though as it's 8 in the evening and I feel pretty tired as is.


I've been a little bit quiet lately and it isn't because I've been sitting still. Rather, it's because I've been fairly busy. So busy in fact, that today I feel absolutely drained. But it's all for good causes. The first is my health; I've been going to a new physio and she's been using trigger point therapy on my muscles which might help my pain loads, but it also gives a lot of afterpains. That, in combination with a new regime of stretches meant to relieve some tension, means that I've been feeling rougher the past few days than I usually do. The other reason is because I've been doing a lot of thinking and some working about my art business.

Friday evening I sat in on a free zoom workshop. I felt lousy all day. Drained and pained (hey that rhymes) and I was doubtful if I could even manage the energy to listen. I pulled myself together though, with the help of some support from Dim (<3) and sat down at my laptop with lipstick on and the intent to pick up as much as I could. And boy am I glad I did!

Opening my Patreon was a huge step for me and it's given me so much energy and an intense feeling of validation as an artist. Something I hadn't expected and sorely needed. And while I look forward to maintaining what I do and growing my little group of Patreons there over the months, I wasn't sure what to do with everything else. I put a lot of time and effort into my Instagram, to no avail (and I'm not alone there). My Etsy shop has gotten 1 order and although I was absolutely delighted about it, it's not much yet. In the business sense I feel like I'm walking through a fog, unsure of the terrain and unclear about where I'm going in the first place. There were a lot of steps I could take, but I wasn't sure which of which one. This workshop was like a bright light shining the way ahead of me. A lot of things fell into place and I feel like I know which directions I'll be heading in now.

I'll be advertising my Etsy shop on Tiktok to get rid of my old stock and add new stock too. (which I'll be able to do now because I got a printer as a super early birthday present!!) In the meantime, I'll start practising how to elevate my work. Because if there is something that I need practise in, it's how I speak about my art. I often talk it down. My little drawings as I call them. I have been told before that my art (at least some of it) is detailed, elaborate and gentle. I wish I'd been the one to point out these wonderful traits but I hadn't. I could admit that these particular pieces were quite good (no wonder they sold!) but I still had a hard time talking about them with the love and respect they clearly deserve. That's an old habit that I'm going to be killing off one sentence at a time. My art is beautiful. It deserves to be seen. As I practice and as I go I want to elevate my art and my business, from cute and Etsy, to a more high-end range and I'll start looking for other ways to find an audience for that than what I have been doing so far. Maybe I'll keep both (probably!) or maybe one day in the future, a year, maybe two, I'll only do the latter. Either way, I now know my direction. Now though, I'll paint. I'll share. I'll grow. And when my collection is ready to be shared, I'll be ready to share it properly.

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