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Small victories

While I know I don't need to apologise for my lack of entries here, I am sorry that I don't write here as much as I'd wish. Mostly I'm sorry to myself but also a little to my friends here. Because I like seeing how they're doing and I like sharing how I'm doing with you! I like sharing my thoughts and my life as it unfolds. And I regret not sharing more regularly because when you don't share the daily, or the regular ups and downs, you just end up sharing the big things. The things that stick like a thorn in your side. The things that you need to get out. And that gives something of a skewed look to things. Especially since it seems that our Sunday video call is a bad time for me, more often than not (since I try to spend the weekend with Dim, doing fun things and when Sunday 5 pm rolls around, I'm out of steam)
I regret it because that means you don't get to share in on those small things that give a real look into our daily lives. And I like sharing those things! :)
Like how we ordered some garlands last week with fairy lights in them and we laid them out in the windowsill in our office and the living room and it makes it feel so cosy! Or how I hung lights in some of the hedges and plants in the front yard and even one in the backyard! Yes, our neighbour outshines us by a mile, but I put those little lights up myself and I couldn't be more proud!
Or how the new chair I ordered is SO COMFY. I took off the armrests and we'll find a different way of putting them back that will better support my actual arms, rather than accomodating the rests with my posture. But still, every time I sit down in it I breathe a sigh of relief. I'm thinking about ordering a footstool after what Yorick said, but even without it, it already feels so dang good to sit in a chair and not feel pained after minutes. I love you chair <3 I should name him. His name will be Humfrey! The supporter of peace (and my back) Humfrey the chair. Hmm, I might have to rethink it. I'll get back to you.

It's funny, I'd sat down to write a very different kind of post, but I'm kind of happy with what rolled out of my keyboard :)

I hope you're all good. Talk soon! <3


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By Leonie Jonk 💘

Artist & Spoonie I write about my life as an artist and as a person with chronic pain, the struggles, the rewards, the inspiration & the downfalls. Oh and occasionally the odd piece of fiction :)

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