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New York and America (part 13)

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On Saturday, after moving, I went to Fort Greene, to the flea market. This one was much better than the one on Sundays at Dumbo; larger and more interesting vendors, and interesting people, too.




I explored Bed-Stuy a bit, then wandered around Bushwick afterwards; in the afternoon, I stumbled upon a sort of moving sale, or what was left of it. Looking back now, the guy was clearly a hoarder because his apartment was just so full of everything. It was fascinating to see, though.

I hung out with my friend whom I had the Airbnb with, and we had a good talk. In the evening I went by a weird art show in Bushwick but I didn't stay long; it was fascinating for a while, but not really my thing ultimately. one last time to (probably) some Couchsurfing thing to the bar next to my Airbnb to socialize a bit.

On Sunday I went to a Yoga class I've found online. It was very different from what I was used to; I don't remember much other than I didn't really enjoy it. Afterwards I went and explored more of Bushwick. It was interesting to see this neighborhood, with a significant Puerto Rican minority, that was slowly but surely gentrifying. I stopped by the Bushwick flea market, which turned out to be a really small operation. I did run into a pretty good Japanese band that was busking there playing jazz and took their picture.


Overall, it was a good weekend, and I really got to like this part of New York. If I would (more like, if I could) ever move there, I'd probably find a place in or around Bushwick.

I had five more days in New York, and I still had a lot more to see (there's always a lot more to see.)


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