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So Ghostbusters became an in-joke/meme at XOXO 2019, because the podcast Punch Up The Jam did a live episode of it and it's fucking hillarious.

The first morning back home instead of, I don't know, working, I randomly looked up if the domain ghostbuste.rs is available and to my utter surprise, it was. So I immediately registered it (sidenote: my Russian is apparently good enough that I can register a domain in Serbian) and figured I might as well put up some content on it.

So I did: it has Neil Cicierega's Busted song/video, the Punch Up The Jam episode, a video of a bunch of XOXO people doing karaoke to it, and the latest tweets from my second project of that day: a bot that tweets out the lyrics of Ghostbusters. You can find it at @BotGhostbusters.

For the bot, I used an extremely simple script, which on the other hand is not entirely reliable so if I have the energy and the motivation for it, I will replace it with something more robust.

XOXO gives you this crazy creative energy and I fully intend to harness it as best as I can, no matter how silly the projects might be. This is, after all, an in-joke that cost me 20 euros, and in theory, I can receive a C&D from Columbia/Sony any minute now, though I do know at least two fan sites that has "ghostbusters" in their domain names, so I have some hope.

It's also really fun to just create things: especially the last couple of months I've been almost exclusively just consuming things: mostly TV shows and, I mean, food, obviously, a lot of it. I want to do more of it. I still have the XOXO 2019 post to finish which I hope I can do this weekend; and I did start another side project yesterday that now turned into several ones, but I'll write about that another day.


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