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Day 7 - Park Slope and beyond

Yesterday I slept in a bit since I wasn't meeting anyone in the morning. First thing in the morning, I went to the Amazon 4-Star store in SoHo to return a water bottle I ordered earlier; it was way too heavy for me to carry every day.

The store is this weird place where, besides being able to just give your return to a person instead of mailing it, you can also buy a bunch of things that are rated at least 4 stars on Amazon. It's a semi-random mix of mostly electronics and toys, more of an experiment than anything else.

With my return processed, I walked over to REI to buy a new water bottle: this time, the lightest one possible. I also picked up a bunch of packing cubes and sacks for organizing my clothes when I'm traveling. They talked me into a membership, which cost me essentially nothing (I will have to go back to their store one more time because of that, but whatever) but if I were to come back to the US next year, I get a small discount, so why not?

Done with my shopping, I took the F train to Park Slope, where I had a bagel at Bagel Hole. I got an everything bagel with cream cheese and while it was a good bagel, it was way, way too salty.

Earlier that day I've found a good deal on Facebook for a Kindle Oasis, so I met up the guy next to the bagel shop. Later it turned out that its battery may be less than perfect, but thanks to Amazon's customer service, they are shipping me a new one, so no big deal.

(Only in America I can return a Kindle I got from a random person on Facebook to be replaced with a brand new one. Say what you want about Amazon, but their customer service is amazing.)

Park Slope is beautiful; it quickly became my other new favorite place in Brooklyn, besides Greenpoint. A lot of brownstone houses, beautiful architecture all around.

I went by a Brooklyn Industries shop and got a bunch of new T-shirts; while they all say "Brooklyn" in one way or another, none of them feel overly touristy.

I stopped by a Barnes & Noble to take a break and finish yesterday's post. I've banned myself from bookshops a while ago because every time I visit one I usually end up wanting to buy a ton of new books while I have a really long backlog already. I managed to restrain myself and not look around too much; in the end, I only bought a cheap mug with the Metrocard on it.

Next, I went by a couple of thrift shops, Housing Works and L Train Vintage. I browsed around quite a bit, but it's really hard to find anything in my size (XXL). I did stumble upon one summer shirt though, so it wasn't all pointless.

I had a very late lunch at Baba's Pierogies, ordering the bacon/cheese/potato pierogi; they were okay, but nothing special, you could barely taste the bacon and cheese part.

The bar Lavender Lake was just a couple of blocks from there, where we were having the XOXO meetup. I got there about an hour and a half before we were to start, to secure tables since I couldn't make a reservation with them. Thankfully the indoor part of the bar was pretty empty so it wasn't an issue.

People started arriving at 7 and we ended up talking until like 10:30 or so. It was great to catch up with people I haven't seen a while and also meet a bunch of new folks as well. I had some really good chats.

Tired, I took a Lyft home and went to bed; I had to get up somewhat early for !!Con the next day.

[No pictures today, as I'm busy with !!Con.]

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