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Writing Prompt! Design Fiction

As I've written before I'm currently working on my Master's thesis. I'm in the middle of working with Design Fiction and I need some people (that could be you!) to write some stories. You can use your 300 words for it or take it as a small extra writing task.
I need some of the people who write stories to also participate in a small one-on-one workshop via Skype/FaceTime. It's just to talk about what you've written so I'm sure I understand it correctly and to get some visuals on it (either by using pen and paper or an online collaborative sketch tool). That will be around 30 minutes and it's very chill.

I've written a small text to introduce the whole thing. I would really appreciate the help if some of you feel inspired by this! If you don't have time today, it would be fine if you do it within the next few days.

Short introduction to the project
As you may know, I’m currently writing my Master’s thesis. The project is about those magical, whimsical and delightful moments that sometimes occur between people and digital technologies. I’m looking at them from different angles and with different methods and that is where you can help me.

Whether you have experienced one of these moments or not doesn’t really matter. I need you to write a small text — it doesn’t have to be long, anything from a few sentences to a page is perfect. Below you’ll find a small writing prompt and some questions. You can use the questions as inspiration, but you don’t have to answer them.
If you’ve previously had a magical experience, you’re welcome to use that as inspiration as well.

The task for you is to write a personal narrative set today or the very near future. You can write it however you want e.g. as a blog post, a series of tweets or a first-person experience. Imagine you are this person and describe what happens. It might involve technology you are not sure exists yet or it can be something that’s already a product today.

You have been given a present by a friend. This friend knows you well and is convinced this is a perfect present for you. When you open the present, you find a new product/device. You’ve heard rumors that this product/device should be the most magical thing to interact with.
Please describe this product/device and what you experience when:

  • You unbox it
  • You use it for the first time
  • You use it after 6 months (is it still magical or has it become everyday “magic”)
    Include as many thoughts and feelings as possible.

This method is called Design Fiction and is inspired by science fiction so please feel free to use creative words and ways to express yourself.
You’re also very welcome to include drawings or sketches if you’d like.

Questions for inspiration:

  • What do you use the product for?
  • How do you turn it on?
  • How do you interact with it?
    o Do you touch it? If yes, how so?
    o Does it have any buttons?
    o Is it voice controlled or can you gesture at it?
  • What does it look like when it’s turned off?
  • What do you think while you interact with it?
  • What feelings come up when you use the product?
  • How often do you use it?
  • Does the product react when other people are near it?
  • Is the product similar to other products you know?
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