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Witches and shooting stars

When I was a kid, probably around 9 or 10, one of my classmates called me a contraction between my name and witch; Heksestine. I'm pretty sure it was meant as an insult but I didn't take it as one. Witches have (magical) powers! Something I desperately wanted at that age. I felt different without being able to pinpoint why (this is still the case and I haven't found the reason yet). But in a way it seemed to fit me, being a small witch.
I liked to read books, was fascinated by crystals, had cats, and enjoyed looking at the stars on clear nights. I didn't have any magical powers though...

I still have my collection of crystals though it is no longer on display. I've bought not one, but two sets of tarot cards. I have intuitive feelings about people, places, and situations. Oh and I have a cat even if he doesn't live with me. I love the semi-ritual that is tea-making. Having the right equipment and taking the time to get it right. For me, making the tea is just as big a part of the experience as drinking it.
I don't have magical powers and I can't make potions. But people often come to me with troubles and are met without judgment. I'm self-reliant and I have opinions. In my own way, I am a witch.

Wishes in the night

And the small star fell from the sky, as it was not an actual star. It was but a shooting star. And hadn't it been noticed, its time up there would have been a complete waste. But it was noticed and appreciated as it drew a thin glittering line across the dark sky in a last wave goodbye. More than one person paid attention to it and a handful even believed seeing it and making a wish would mean that wish would come closer to being realized. The shooting star had no ability to grant wishes but the act of wishing can have a great effect on making things come true.

The shooting star was not an actual star. It was indeed a meteor burning in the Earth's atmosphere. Like most meteors, this one never made it to the ground. All its energy was spent taking a tiny bit of the night sky and making it brighter if only for a moment. Not that it had any say in what would happen, it had no will and no ability to change the course of things. It just did what it was supposed to do, the only thing it could. It glimmered to its best ability and in the process it made a few people realize what they truly wanted.


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