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Weird email address rules and a strange movie night

My right hand/wrist hurts in a weird way and typing makes it a lot worse. I think I've been sitting weird at "work" today. Hopefully it'll be gone tomorrow.

I tried to sign up for an Instagram account today. And I say 'tried to sign up' because I didn't succeed. When I attempted creating an account with my email address, it said there was already an account using that email address. Weird as I don't recall ever creating an Instagram account. Well I tried to use the 'reset password function' but the weirdest thing happened! It said there was no account registered with that email address!!
I tried the whole process a couple of times, even in different browsers but all with the same result. I can't create an account because one already exists with my email address but I can't access that account because it does not exist.
Oh and it's impossible to get a hold of Instagram support (I'm not sure it exists). I managed to send in a support message but two seconds later, I got an email saying they had reviewed the issue and it seemed to be fixed (it was not).

In the past, I've gotten emails sent to an email address similar to mine before; the only difference is a . (dot).
Those must be typoes because all emails end in my inbox, dot or not (it is also not possible to register a Gmail account using my address without the dot).
I imagine that could be a part of the issue? Because there is an Instagram account registered to the dotless version of my email address. And I now have access to that due to the way Instagram's account recovery system is set up. It looks like an abandoned account though as there has never been any activity on it. I know it's not mine though because the @ is something I would not have picked. It feels wrong to be on that account.

It's a strange mystery and I'm not sure it will ever be resolved.

--- Good and bad movies

He flicked through all the offers on the streaming service. None of it seemed bad but nothing seemed really appealing either. Then he saw a title he hadn't heard of before (not that it was noteworthy, that happened a lot). Something about that title intrigued him. He watched the trailer. It was about a guy, much like him, who watched a movie that invited him to play a game. The trailer didn't reveal more than it becoming a challenge for the main guy and maybe his life was in danger.

This would be a classic story if the guy decided to watch that movie and he himself got sucked into a game that nearly cost him his life but taught him an important lesson. This is no such story though. See, the guy found the premise of a character disappearing into a movie or a game or whatever, rather silly. So silly indeed that he decided to turn off the TV and go to bed early.
The next morning he woke up after 8 hours of solid sleep and felt more refreshed than he had in years.

The end.


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