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Weekend and a story about us

I (finally!) got to see 'Dune' in the theater. It's been out here for about 3 weeks. I probably would have seen it sooner if it wasn't because my dad wanted to see it too. It's not a movie for my mom so I figured he wouldn't go watch it alone. We ended up making a whole day out of it and my mom and sister watched 'Free Guy' together.

I read the first book in Frank Herbert's Dune saga back in 2011 or 2012. I remember primarily reading it on my parents' couch drinking chai latte. I didn't like the book a whole lot but I understood why some might. My dad read it too as a teenager and loved it.
I think I have some of the same issues with the movie as I did with the book. I love the concepts but I need more from the characters and the plot than what I'm getting. Still, I prefer the movie to the book as it's shorter and absolutely gorgeous. I think casting Timothée Chalamet as Paul was perfect.
It's a long movie but I was prepared for that so it didn't feel as long as it could have. I'd recommend watching it on as big a screen as possible. It deserves that!

Some things are bigger than us
Chapter ◎∙△ □ ✦ ⨀

Another thing the humans didn't know and never figured out, was that time can be experienced in more than one way. Most of them noticed that the same amount of time can be experienced in different ways and that time in general speeds up as they get older. But living from birth till death is only one way to experiencing time and thereby life. It is the most apparent way to do it but far from the only one.

There are laws of physics that cannot be bent. A human only lives one life and in that life, they make choices that determine the rest of this life. Cause comes before effect, eternally.
But it's possible to experience life in an alternative way.
Life is like a roll of film. It tells a story from one end to the other. But with the right equipment or by skipping the equipment altogether, it's possible to view sections of a film strip in just the order you want. Viewing the death before the birth might not make much sense (which is why humans never did so) but doing that will not change the film strip depicting a life.
The human brain has the ability to do this skipping in time but grasping the way to control it lies next to the parts that make them capable of understanding eternity and infinity. Later on, it will be explained why it might be best for humans to not unlock these abilities and why Mondays had such a bad reputation in the period from 1940 till 2036.


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