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We are all going to die

If I remember correctly, my paternal grandfather said something like "There's only one thing in life that's 100% certain and that is no one is going to survive it". Maybe someone else has said it too? Probably. It's a pretty indisputable fact. Still, we don't talk a lot about our own mortality. I have written about this before but my personal experience with Covid-19 has made it very clear we are not ready to admit we will all die.

In my family, we openly talk about what we want done to our bodies when we die. My family knows I would like to be cremated and either have my ashes pressed into a diamond or shot into deep space. The diamond and space part is not so important, but being cremated is. They also know I don't want to be buried at the cemetery I was baptized and confirmed in.
I know similar things about my mom, dad, and sister's wishes.

I'm just wondering why we don't talk about it more openly. Wouldn't it be great to know other people's take on this? Is it because we are afraid that talking about it will make it real? Because it already is. We are all going to die. No discussion. No one makes it through life alive. No one. Denying it won't stop it from happening.
Same with organ donation. I think a lot of people have made a decision, or at least half a decision but never officially signed the papers or the online form. I did so when I got my motorcycle license at 20. It doesn't mean I expect to die anytime soon but according to statistics, there is a higher risk of me being a suitable organ donor because I enjoy riding a motorcycle. Denying that doesn't make it any less real.

The Danish Association of Funeral Directors has a document that's pretty easy to fill out. It's the basic stuff worth knowing in case someone has to plan your funeral. I printed it out and wrote down my wishes when I was sick with COVID-19 and legitimetly worried. I might not die of natural causes at the age of +100 as I plan to. It's nice for my family to have my wishes in writing in case things don't go according to plan.


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