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Water thinking

Today has been yet another day where I've struggled with my thesis presentation (the defense is the day after tomorrow). I woke up way too late, but decided to go swimming anyway. It felt really good — I think the stress turns to restlessness, which keeps me from actually doing any work. I want to nap or clean or basically anything else than work on that presentation...

Swimming was really good though. There's something about being in water that helps me think in a different way. The same goes for showers, but not to the same degree.
Anyway, I think I cracked the angle for the presentation. So that's something! If I could, I would have spent the whole day in the pool. I just needed my laptop there so I could take notes (but MBPs aren't waterproof and someone might steal it). Imagine having your own pool??
I've reached a point where I'm not totally out of breath after every 50m. I still have some problems with my right shoulder, but I'll take some time to do more about that after the thesis.

My goal is to have a presentation draft done tonight so I can spend tomorrow rehearsing and making the final graphics. And I want to go to bed early! No more 3am stuff. Last night I did the thing I really shouldn't do; I ate myself to sleep. A bunch of crackers and some chocolate. It helped, I did fall asleep, but I slept terribly and woke up way too late with what felt slightly​ like a hangover.

I've decided to treat myself to pizza tonight. I get to go for a short walk (to pick it up) and then, of course,​ eat pizza! Theses defense prep is terrible, but that doesn't mean everything else has to be absolutely terrible, right?

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