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Uncomfortable in different ways

My post today will be divided into two. Like @ktamas wrote the other day, I don't have much energy for writing these days either so I'm gonna go with what I have the energy for.

I watched a movie today on Netflix. It's the one called 'Horse Girl'. It caught me in the right mood and I enjoyed it a lot. I felt unsettled in a very unpleasant way, but I was supposed to feel like that and it worked 100%. I could relate to a bunch of the situations, which isn't great, but that's life. I think I'm very worried I am Alison Brie's character in real life sometimes; that quiet and socially awkward person you feel a bit sorry for and therefore is friendly towards.
I highly recommend it, if you can catch it on a day where you're in the right mood. Also, you should only watch half of the trailer, that will make the experience a lot better in my opinion!

The second part of my post today is that I've finally admitted to myself that I will probably be living with my parents for a while. It really sucks. But denying it won't make it better. So today I removed two boxes with stuff from my old room (where I'm currently sleeping) to make it a bit less cramped. There's still way too much in here to be a nice environment, but I'll take it one (or two) boxes at a time.
I guess I've 1) been afraid to get too comfortable (which is a ridiculous notion) and 2) thought it would be super temporary and therefore not necessary to make it comfortable because it's such a short time anyway (I guess not).


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