2 weeks ago 🥁 for day 279, 2021 with 462 words.

Too tired to make up a good title

It's 9:30PM and I'm exhausted! This morning I had an at the university at the psychology department. For the past 8 days, I've been wearing a tracker on my left wrist that measured activity, light, temperature, and clicks on a small button.
I might have written about this before as this was round 2 of 3.
So I've been wearing the tracker and filling out a sleep diary for 8 days. I pressed the small button when I went to sleep and when I woke up. I had to wear it 24/7 except for when I went swimming (which ended up being once).
Today I had to return the tracker and go through some neuropsychological tests. They were the same or very similar to last time so I knew it would be demanding. This time though I didn't feel like I did so well. I had a hard time remembering the things I should and I fucked up in one of the 'connect the numbers/alphabet' tests. I felt slow and unfocused.
They are going to tell me if they find something alarming though so that's a comfort.

In the afternoon I met up with my mentor. I felt it was a great meeting and I'm glad to have the opportunity to learn from her and her experiences. 9:45PM. This should go faster too. I want to go to sleep! Let me just slam down a 200-word story so I can go to bed.

Walk another day

The sun is shining like it's its last chance to ever do so. I'm inside though. I tell myself I want to be outside but I think it's more accurate to say that I'm the type of person who wishes they wished they were outside enjoying the nice weather. I'm too comfortable in here. It's great but also not?

There's no place I would rather be than in here and I think that's a bit scary. This whole situation is scary but for me, there's a lot more to it. I'm a part of the underground rebellion group that is actively working against the aliens. The governments all over the world just let them in without a fight. They're allowed to do anything and even if they mainly stay on their vessels, they don't have to.

So far, they've killed around 20000 people with no repercussions. The aliens themselves are saying it's necessary, but also that they're not killing anyone who wouldn't have died soon anyway.
Me and my group are trying to stop this. It's a bad situation but I haven't felt this good in years. I feel connected, a part of something bigger; I have found my people. The weather is nice and I should go for a walk but I'm busy saving humanity.


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