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There's a water theme today

Here I am again.
Even if it's only 21:02, I'm getting ready for bed. I just need to write and brush my teeth then I can crawl under that heavy blanket and duvet. Maybe I'll read a little as 'Gone Girl' is starting to build up some momentum.

I'm trying to shift my sleep schedule so I get up at 5:30. Even though I don't have to leave home until 7:20 most days. I'm doing this for the two days where I have the option to go swimming from 6:15. I'm paying for it so I might as well do it. On Wednesdays, I could wait with the swimming till 6:45 but for the Mondays, it has to be 6:15 otherwise things don't fit.
Getting up at 5:30 also means I have to go to bed early. I want 8 hours but I also know I'm bad at actually getting to bed so I've set my bedtime at 'as close to 21:00 as possible'.

But speaking of swimming, I went today with a friend (a different pool than my local one). I had fun! We were in the water for around 45 minutes. I had a lot of fun! He's a silly guy and at some point, he just said "I'm gonna try swimming using only my legs" and so he did for the whole length of the 50m pool. We also tried dragging each other. In the first round, I held onto his right leg and tried to catch breaths between bursts of laughter. He made it the whole way. Then I had to drag him. I only made it halfway with him being dragged behind me. Still a lot of fun though!

The 6 siblings

He sat in the tub, candles flickering all around him. He had a bit of calm music playing in the background. The water in the tub was so hot it was almost too hot; the perfect temperature. He placed his hands below the surface of the water, closed his eyes, and focused. The slice of water he sat in slowly rose around him making its way past the edge of the tub without spilling over. He got it all the way to his jawline where it stopped. A shiver of calm and pleasure made its way down his spine starting at the base of his skull. A deep sigh containing all the stress and worries left his body.

He was the one in control of air. Since almost everything is up for interpretation, that also meant that, in some cases, he was able to force and shape water. His siblings had spent years fighting him on this intrusion of his sister's territory but as they had aged, stuff like this seemed less important. She was in control of water and sometimes, so was he. Not that big of a deal.
The candles momentarily burned brighter and he knew his sibling and currently roommate had entered the building. He slowly lowered the water back down below the edge of the tub. His sibling wasn't just going to burst into the bathroom but in case they did, there was no reason to cause an unnecessary conflict.


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