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The (wedding) dress

Last year in April I bought a dress for my cousin's May wedding. It is a dress from IVY & OAK with an open back in the color 'merlot' that cost 800DKK. I knew that was the dress as soon as I tried it on. It's formal but not too much, it's fancy but doesn't draw much attention. It doesn't clash with any of the wedding clothing rules, which most people don't care about anyway, but still.

I wore the dress for my cousin's wedding in May and a date at a fancy-ish restaurant sometime during the summer. Then it was in my closet until March 2019.

In March 2019 I had another wedding to attend (this time it was a classmate — the zoo wedding I wrote about back then). The dress has just been put in my closet, but I knew I had to have it cleaned. Since the label says 'Dry clean​ only' I had postponed the task.
I couldn't go to a wedding in a dirty dress so I sent it to the dry cleaner. That was a bit more expensive than expected; 239DKK!
It had to be done though and since I wanted it done properly and get the dress back in one piece/color I had to pay the price.

This weekend I wore the dress again. Another success. The problem is that it needs cleaning again (not a surprise​ as I wore it for 14 hours).

My mom said I could clean it once more and then that was it. I think her logic is that I shouldn't spend as much money on cleaning as the original price of the dress.

But I find that a bit weird.
I know it might be silly to spend more money cleaning a piece of clothes than ​it originally cost, but not cleaning it means the dress' value drops to zero — I won't wear a dirty dress.

It might be a generational thing; I don't like the idea of just buying something, using it once then throw​ it away. Good quality things need quality care. It's not really about the price, but the value it gives me.
I love the dress and it's great for weddings. I will have it dry cleaned again and probably do it after every wear for as long as I can fit into that dress!

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