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The longest days

I love this time of year! The days feel endless because the sun never really sets. Of course the sun sets (I don't live that far north), but it doesn't get dark as it does in the winter. Right now it's past 10pm and it's still very light out. According to my weather app, the sun still won't set for another 2 minutes!

Sadly it won't last. We've gone past Solhverv (midsummer) so from now on the days will only get shorter. For the next month, it won't really be all that obvious but eventually, the night will be longer than the day. It's so hard to imagine winter these days.

I think that's what I love so much about these long days; I completely forget winter was ever a thing. Especially when it's sunny and the temperatures are so high as it is right now.
I still haven't decided if I like that the seasons change as they do here. I'm okay with spring, summer, and fall but winter is just too much! It's the price for the rest and most years it feels like that's too high a price to pay.

At least the days will be longer than the nights for another three months.


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