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Talking with the ladies

I went to a networking event today. Or I think that's what you could call it. It was an event for all the members of a group called 'Ada Aarhus' (named after Augusta Ada King, Countess of Lovelace of course). It has been dead for a couple of years and I didn't really participate in the previous meetings because I felt intimidated by all these smart developer ladies.
For this revival, I thought I would see what it was about though. It seemed like an easier way into the group. I also noticed someone I know had replied as attending, which made it easier.

I had a hard time finding the place (it would have been easier with a car and didn't have to use public transport + walking), but I managed.
We started out with a super short introduction round (we were around 15 women) and then there was a talk about Technical Agile Fluency. It was super interesting and having the experience of my internship made this 1000x more meaningful. During a short break, there were some sandwiches and a soda. Then we got the rest of the talk and some time for questions.

After that, we just talked and planned for the next event (which will be at the beginning of February).
I feel like I made some good connections and everyone was SO nice! I got a tip about a company that has their space right next to the workplace of one of the others and it seems like an amazing company. They don't have any job openings right now, but I want to send them an application anyway.

There's the whole question of "why is it just a group for women?? That's terrible and sexist", but that's a discussion I'm happy to take in a later post.


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