2 weeks ago 🏆 for day 213, 2020 with 242 words.

Summer day

Today the weather has been nice for the first time in what feels like an eternity. I have taken advantage of this by going for a run this morning — I have found a route that's 1.9km which is pretty perfect — and gone for an evening walk with the friend I'm staying with. It hasn't even been that warm; it was "only" around 18°C when we were out, but it seemed just perfect.

I keep forgetting that the day is getting shorter and shorter so when we ventured out it was around 21:20 and the sun painted the few clouds a soft pink. The sun officially set a few minutes later but it didn't get dark right away. We walked around downtown for a bit. Everything seems so normal (read: not pandemic affected) and there were people on every grass spot and park lawn. We saw lots of young people with 6-packs presumably on their way to a party.

On the way back home we stopped by a grocery store just before close to get the missing things for brunch, a nice thing we usually do on weekends/days off.
When we were done shopping, around 22:00, it was dark out. It felt like a nice warm summer evening and I've really missed that. I don't think we will get many days like this in August, the prognosis is looking pretty bleak, so I try to take it all in while I can.


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