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Summer adventure!

I'm on a short adventure!

My friend has borrowed a nice Porsche (from his dad). Today we visited an old Norwegian high school friend in Jesperhus Feriepark. He was there with his son, his son's mom, and her dad. I can't remember the last time I saw him, but we graduated in 2011 and I don't think I've seen him much since — he moved back to Norway pretty soon after. It was a bit weird. He was pretty much the same guy, but now he has a (super cute) son! It was great to see him again, it seems like he's doing well.

After that, we went to have tea and cake with my grandmother — she lives very close to Jesperhus and it seemed like a good chance to spend some time with her (she's not doing too well these days). She was very happy to see us!

We didn't have anything planned after that so we drove west. The weather has been terrible all day with rain and wind. Not ideal, but at least we were dry in the car. We went to Klitmøller though, mainly just to do something. We wanted to go to Nordsø Akvariet, but it wasn't open for long and it seemed silly to go there for just 45 minutes. We got to see the sea, which was freaking cold, but nice.

For dinner, we found a well-recommended​ restaurant​ on TripAdvisor​ and drove to get there. When we arrived we decided against it and went to the local "Italian" restaurant​.
It was pretty much just a grill with some tables, but the food was okay and super cheap.

The cheap part was good because we decided to sleep at a castle! I'm sure this place is haunted, but it's pretty sweet! We already did an unguided tour. There's even a moat and the room info states there's a swimming pool somewhere. I'm super annoyed with myself because I did find my bikini​, try it on to see if it still fit and then apparently left it at home in my apartment​...

Anyway, we have to be out by tomorrow before 11 and possibly before because we chose not to get the super expensive breakfast.
I'm just gonna check if there are any job postings I should write an application for and then it's almost time for bed.
We have no idea what we're going to do tomorrow! It's exciting!

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