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Song recommendation

Today I wanted to share a couple of lines of the lyric from a song by one of my favorite artists. The song is called 'Appointments' and it's by the always lovely Julien Baker. I think the song is about being in a relationship and dealing with a mental illness (possibly depression). There was a part of the song that clicked with me yesterday and the lines have been stuck in my head since. The lines are:

"Maybe it's all gonna turn out alright
Oh, I know that it's not,
but I have to believe that it is"

Taken out of context it felt very fitting for the current world situation. Here in Denmark we had 13 COVID-19 related deaths on Friday the 20th. Today that total was updated to 24. I know that's nothing compared to other countries, but I think that number will only go up from here. I feel so incredibly powerless. My job situation feels even more hopeless.

I'm going to disappear into the happier world of Animal Crossing. I don't want to deal with the world situation or my own situation for that matter right now.
You should listen to Julien Baker if you haven't.


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