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Snail and error

I made my garden snail fence today! I've used some copper strips (about 1cm wide) clipped to some wood. I have no idea if this will be a good defense against snails (it's mainly the ones without a shell). But now it's set up and I have put two snail traps inside the fence to catch the ones already in there.
My dad argues that the traps should be on the outside of the fence to lure them out but I think that's unfair to the snails that are outside the fence and if the fence is effective one way, it should be the other way too (thus trapping snails already in there on the inside of the fence).

I'm going to check up on it tomorrow morning. If everything has been run over due to the traps and the fence isn't effective, I need to change my approach.
The snails are my main issue at the moment since they eat my strawberries and slime all over the ones they don't eat. It's pretty frustrating and even if I pick up the ones I see, they can come by, fuck things up and leave within a couple of hours and I have no chance of defending my territory. I really hope the copper fence will keep them out. They have a right to be in the garden but I would prefer if they could stay out of the area I have claimed, there's plenty of room for them as well.


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