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Self-isolation day 14

The other day I attended an online thing about Python for beginners. I had hoped it would be an introduction on good ways to use the language and when it should be used compared to instances where something else might be more suitable. You know, to avoid the classic situation of having a hammer and everything looking like a nail.

Well, it turned out to be a bit different. It was more like the first lecture in a programming course. Or maybe the second after had been spent on presenting the times to use it and how the rest of the course would be structured.
I didn't mind though. It was nice to have someone talk about something they know more about than I do. I understood a lot of it and that made me very happy. My programming skills consist mainly of whatever I have gathered during a ton of lectures on programming and programming adjacent. I have almost no practical experience. So in a way, you could say I have no programming skills...

I think it's close to the way I have "learned" French. I attended the classes and did the assignments but I haven't had much practice outside of class.
Now that I'm learning through Duolingo it feels like I'm getting all the practical experience I should have gotten while learning the first time around. The great thing though is that I can recognize a lot of it and it's more like placing missing puzzle pieces to create a complete picture than trying to figure out what to do with all the pieces.

I'm hoping I will feel the same when I begin to get some practical experience in programming. Because that will happen at some point. I want to be at least a mediocre programmer!


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By Kirstine Granzow Larsen

I recently got a Master's degree in IT Product Design and I'm currently looking for my first job! ✨

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