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Reaching podcast zero

I've been listening to podcasts for almost a decade now. The first one was a radio show called De Sorte Spejdere which was originally aired from early 2005 to end 2008. During some of that time, but also after, the show could be found (often but not always without the music) in an RSS feed and on iTunes. Back in 2010,​ I spent most of a summer in a basement in Milwaukee​, Wisconsin playing Wow and listening to old episodes.

I think for a while that was the only podcast I listened to. After that,​ I found The Ricky Gervais Show and Josh Thomas and Friend. I usually listened to those on my iPod nano (the small touchscreen clippy one).
A couple of years later I found the Danish podcast Han Duo, which I devoured in no time. The shows I listened to grew, one podcast at a time. Today I subscribe​ to 30 some podcasts. A few of those have ended and there probably won't be any more episodes, but I like to keep them on my list in case there will be an extra show at some point. I also have a couple I've unsubscribed from again.

In the beginning,​ I listened to fill out the time or to have something to keep me company during whatever thing I was up to. During my year on sick leave from my studies due to stress/burnout,​ I listened to podcasts constantly. Today I listen when I'm alone, but I don't have the need I did earlier. I can listen to music or enjoy the silence. It's a choice today.

I have some podcasts I enjoy more than others. You could call them the 'Primary' ones. When I don't have any of those episodes I listen to the 'Secondary' ones — those are often the ones with a huge back catalog that I still find interesting, but can't listen to for hours.

I currently​ have no unplayed episodes of the Primary podcasts. I also have this idea that the goal is to reach no unplayed podcast episodes. I still have HOURS left and for one of the Secondary podcasts,​ some of the episodes I haven't listened to are behind a paywall now (which annoys me to no end). The problem is just that I keep adding more. When I run out of Primary episodes I find a new podcast to add to the list. I've tried listening to them at 1.5 x the speed, but then it feels very rushed and I don't think the goal is to just play through the episodes. I'd like to actually listen and reflect as well about what they say. No one is going to give me an achievement​ when I'm done anyway. There are​ new episodes every week as well.

I think this might be one of those things like the laundry basket, where I just have to live with the reality that I will never reach zero and that's okay.

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