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Phone manners

I am well aware I might be the one who is wrong here, but I'm just so tired of people and the attention they pay to their smartphone when they are around me.
I had a coffee date today with an old study buddy. It's been maybe two and a half years since we had a really good chat so I had looked forward to catching up. It was great to talk with him, but he's wearing a smartwatch and it seemed like there was a constant stream of notifications. At some point, he had to pull out his phone and write a message. He made the classic "Just a second, I have to answer this" before answering.

In those situations, I have started to just sit. I don't pull out my phone as well. I just sit and I wait for the other person to be done. Maybe it's because I'm actively trying to combat this behavior myself that it annoys me so much. Of course I have been guilty of pulling out my phone to answer a message as well!
One of my friends constantly gets Instagram notifications on her phone. It doesn't make a sound, but the screen lights up and it breaks my attention for a split second.
This has happened to me with Twitter sometimes, but when it does, I turn off sounds and vibration and flip the phone so it's not disturbing. My Twitter friends can wait.

Today I got to try my Light Phone out in the wild for the first time. I put my smartphone on silent and let it stay in my jacket pocket. Then I put my Light Phone on the table next to me. It didn't do anything. It was just a simple piece of plastic, but I knew I could check the time on it (which I did once when the topic was raised after 2 hours). It felt good. I knew people could get in contact with me in case of emergencies, but all other communication could wait. I was more present in the time and space I was engaging in and the person in front of me got all of my attention.

I think my expectation of other people's behavior means I will be disappointed A LOT in the future. I am deeply addicted to my smartphone (it's not even funny), but I feel like I respect the people I'm present with physically a lot more than they seem to respect me. I think that's the thing though; they don't see it as a lack of respect. It's just how it is.


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