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Pain, a subscription, and more pain

I saw yet another dentist today (my usual one, the guy I've had as my dentist all my life). He couldn't see any issues with my teeth other than a tiny bit of gum inflammation, which he deemed wasn't the cause of my issues. Mentally I feel a lot better than I did yesterday or the day before. My teeth are okay but something is sending signals to my brain reporting an issue. It could be a long-covid nerve issue, a rare side-effect of my steroid nasal spray, or something different entirely. My dentist recommended I return to my doctor and I will do that tomorrow.

Another thing — something much less serious — is that my Apple TV+ 1 year free trial runs out this month. I like the upcoming shows and there are still a couple of movies on there I want to watch. I've had Apple Music for almost as long as that has been available and even if I don't use it all that much I don't want to cancel my subscription.
The obvious choice is to sign up for Apple One as that is a tiny bit cheaper than a combination of a TV+ and Music subscription. So that's what I did. I figured I can always go back to just paying for Music if I run out of things I want to watch.

Parasite nightmare

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. This wasn't happening. Well it clearly was happening but she didn't like it one bit. It was as if she had lived through this moment a hundred times. She knew what was going to be next as it unfolded. A kind of deja vu nightmare edition. The doctor looked at her, the white gloves covered in a dark blue fluid. "You're still here? Good. Take deep breaths and move your feet a bit, you're gonna be okay," they said.

A couple of nurses moved around her head. One changed the cold cloth on her forehead and the other took her hand. "Just squeeze if you need it," he said. "Here we go," said the doctor, "It's time. Keep steady and breathe through the pain."
The doctor pulled hard and a small tree-like organism with long roots and slimy branches emerged from her lower stomach covered in blue blood. "You did it! The worst part is over," the doctor exclaimed behind the surgical mask "You'll be okay." She sighed with relief then realized what she had just witnessed. She threw up as the nurse tried to comfort her. Physically she would survive but mentally she had just as much healing ahead of her.


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