2 weeks ago 🥁 for day 255, 2021 with 536 words.

No disaster Sunday and a smile that changes everything

It has happened! I've locked myself out by forgetting my keys in my bike basket when I parked my bike in the bike basement. Luckily a couple who had access to the building and the bike basement were out walking their dog and they let me in. At 9:30PM it could have been a bad situation. I had my phone on me and my sister has a spare key chip (not to the bike basement though, I don't think). It wouldn't have been a total disaster but it's not what you want when you're just taking down the garbage and parking your bike inside for the night.

Today I did two things for myself that I wanted to do (aside from the stuff I had to get done). First. I went swimming even though I got up a little late — I went anyway and swam for about 20 minutes instead of the full 45 minutes (I probably would have gotten bored after 30 anyway). I could have skipped but I didn't. I went there and got into the water. It was great.
Second, I read outside on my balcony. It was a bit cold and pretty wendy but I dragged out my yoga mat, some blankets, and my duvet. It was very nice!

Seems like I've written the first 200 words. Now I just need to get the next 200 down so I can go to bed!

A life without compromise

He leads a lonely life. He knows he's lonely, yet he doesn't do much to change it. There's a comfort in the things he knows. When he comes home from work, he puts his keys in their place. He hangs his jacket and takes off his shoes. Things have their place and that's calming. He likes to spend time cooking. He rarely has to cook for anyone but himself. That doesn't stop him from making an effort.
He likes to spend his evenings and weekends reading. He likes to listen to classical music and sometimes jazz. He has a routine and he sticks to it. Meals, sleep, exercise, and the weekly calls to his parents, brother, and grandfather. He has a small group of close friends that he sees often. He's open and honest, he doesn't lie or hide things from others. When someone askes him, friend or family, how he's doing he lets them know about the good things and the bad things.
He would like to have a special someone to share some of his time with. But he doesn't want to change his routines. He doesn't want the spot for his keys to be challenged or changed. He knows a relationship will be a compromise he's not willing to make. He has had his heart broken before.

One day he sees her. The person he would like to make compromises for. She's on the metro (B line) talking with a friend. He instantly knows; the way she smiles is everything. She takes his breath away. And just like that, she has left. She's gone like a fall leaf in a lively stream.
He spends the rest of his life alone but a little less lonely. Just knowing she's out there is enough.


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By Kirstine Granzow Larsen 🥁

I recently got a Master's degree in IT Product Design and I'm currently looking for my first job! ✨

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