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New dimension [fiction]

A way to access other dimensions was discovered in June 2025 in a small laboratory in Norway. It happened when a small experiment within quantum mechanics was left on by accident over the weekend and small errors accumulated. On Monday morning, the researchers returned to work and discovered a big chunk of their experiment equipment was missing. At first, they accused each other of moving it, but later the suspicion was moved to thieving outsiders.
It wasn't until they checked the recorded data on the computer they realized what had happened.

It was kept secret for a while until the researchers had confirmed the discovery and managed to replicate it several times. In the beginning, they lost a good amount of equipment, but after a few months, they could control a small postal. Like with so many other things, it should probably have been discussed more how this discovery should be utilized, but most of the researchers were more concerned with if they could do something rather than if they should. And so began [SOMETHING]

It was unclear where this small portal led to. The researchers tried setting up two next to each other, but whatever they put through one, didn't exit the other. It wasn't possible to send a message out from it either, no matter the sending signal.

When the discovery was made public, other laboratories managed to replicate the portals. Soon private companies began utilizing the magical disappearing powers; garbage cans that never had to be emptied, toilets that weren't connected to the sewage system, it was even sold as a solution for long term storage of personal belongings (this clearly a scam, but lots of people got tricked).
Even nuclear power plants secretly used it to discard still dangerously radioactive waste and some crematoriums marketed a 'portal burial' as a very peaceful and environmentally friendly end of life.

It wasn't until an astronaut was nearly scared to death by a naked floating corpse doing an EVA on the Mars station in 2036 that the use of the portals was reconsidered. But by then it was too late. Steadily, suddenly reappearing things started to actually hurt and kill people. Garbage manifested itself inside the bodies of people, it would literally rain with pee locally and driving was practically impossible because of flying items that came out of nowhere.
Regulation was attempted on the portals, but that just meant private people didn't have access — it was still a very used way of getting rid of toxic waste, illegal items, and whatnot.

At least it became clear this other dimension wasn't just an empty space. It was still within the known three spatial dimensions but located in the future. Humans are stupid and incapable of comprehending non-immediate consequences. Some just don't care.

The end.


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