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I just finished watching The Half of It on Netflix. I don't want to spoil anything so I recommend you just watch it. I'm left with a lot of feelings and not a lot of words.

I liked that it wasn't just the normal recipe for a romantic movie:

  1. Girl meets boy
  2. Girl falls in love with boy.
  3. ???
  4. Happy ending

Those movies seldomly result in a lot of reflection. What I liked about The Half of It is that it paints the world in a bit more... realistic or nuanced way?

Life is messy! Romance and sexuality are complicated things. Finding your path in life can be hard, even if someone thinks they've made everything easy for you. Death and depression happen, we can't control as much as we might like to. The easy decisions aren't always the ones that are best for you.

I gave this movie 8/10 on IMDb and almost landed on a 7/10 because I didn't think I would watch it again. Right now though I'm thinking that I will eventually. I loved the intro, it really resonated with me. The whole movie lives in this bubble with a mood. I love when movies accomplish that.


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