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Living the dream

Okay, that headline is not totally accurate but my post today is about dreams. If you don't like to hear about other people's dreams now is your time to bail.

Like I've written many times before, I have very vivid dreams. As a kid, I didn't dream every night or if I did I wasn't aware of it. There's one dream I still remember though but that happened when I was a little older (probably in my early teen years).
In the dream, I came by a house I remembered from years ago. As I walked inside it felt like I had been there many times before. I had played there with a boy and a girl my age and this friendly troll-like creature who lived there with them but wasn't visible to adults.

If felt like this house had been a part of my early childhood. It was more of a memory than a dream. As I walked around the house reminiscing I was also thinking about what to say if the new owners found me in there, "Oh I'm just looking around because I used to play here as a kid" didn't seem like a good enough reason for trespassing.

I don't remember how the dream ended, but I have occasionally thought about it since. I still have no clue if this dream-memory of playing there when I was younger was something I actually dreamt or if it was just a massive case of dream déjà vu.

That's how my dreams often are though. It feels like a parallel universe. It doesn't have linear time like the real world, instead everything is comprised of small scenes that are sometimes (rarely) connected. I can feel pain in my dreams too. Sometimes it physical pain and others it's more emotionally like sorrow or heartbreak.
My old psychologist loved my dream journal but personally I don't think there's too much to the dreams. It's the dishwater of a brain cleaning so it has so many different things jumbled up in there.
I'm off to bed. Hopefully, I'll have a good batch of dream scenes tonight.


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