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Let's not talk politics

I had a good day at work today. I went to the airport outside of Aarhus and spent the whole day there. It was a bit boring since we didn't have a lot of people to test but it could be worse.
My colleague today was one of my faves to be out with. We talk about all kinds of things and we can get into some pretty good discussions, I think. Today was slightly different towards the end of the day though. It seemed like he was showing where on the political spectrum he is and wanted me to agree with him. I didn't and the more we talked the clearer it became to me that we might be of very different opinions. Like opposite sides of the spectrum different.

I'm annoyed by this because these things always make me feel a little less excited about a person. It happened with a friend a couple of years ago but she knows where I stand and I think I have figured her out as well. There are just things we don't talk about or at least don't get into discussions about because we know we'll never agree.

I don't often offer up where I stand politically because I know the party I am a member of is looked down on by many (both on the left and the right). I don't want to get into hardcore political ideology discussions. My life is simply too short for that.

It feels like some topics should just be left alone if you want to stay friendly with someone. I know I judge other people for their political stands (I believe it's very hard not to) so I assume other people do the same.
Today was a good day but I don't want to talk about political stuff with this colleague again. I enjoy working with him so much and I don't want that ruined.


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