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Just let me LaTeX

I find a lot of software frustrating but what’s even more frustrating is setting up software! I’ve been working with LaTeX in ShareLatex/Overleaf for something like 7 years. It’s not perfect but it works really well for me and the people I’ve done assignments with. I did my whole thesis in Overleaf and I didn’t need a premium account until the end (because the file got too big).

The main downside of Overleaf is that it only works online. You can’t do anything if you’re not connected to the internet. For me that hasn’t been a problem but my conference paper co-author is not happy about it.
This means I’ve had to find a way to set things up locally and sync over Dropbox. There are a million different ways to work with LaTeX! Finding the right one seems impossible. I ended up with a few LaTeX packages in Atom and an install of something through the terminal. Now it works for me but I have to guide my co-author through the setup process and I find it very frustrating. I wish it was possible to just download one thing that took care of it all and made it work! I also don’t want a big chunky IDE...


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