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It could be better writing but also worse

I don't want to write today but I guess I'm doing it anyway? The thought of not writing seemed particularly serious today though. Like, what would actually happen if I stopped writing today? I probably wouldn't write tomorrow either. I don't have a good reason to stop writing, it's not like I've made it to a cool milestone like 1000 consecutive days. I don't know if I do need a good reason to stop? I could just stop writing. It would be fairly easy.

I'm not sure I still have a good reason to keep writing. Sure, there's the streak but that feels secondary. I don't feel like I'm making much progress with the way I write or tell stories. It feels pretty much the same as it did when I started. It's gotten a lot easier to just get words on the page and I feel like I can write and think; I don't need to think through the sentence before I start writing something. In general, I can get started without knowing the ending.
Right now I'm annoyed I've once again written a whole post about nothing. At least it doesn't take as long as it used to.

Remember to water the plants!

Laurence had grown fond of plants (no pun intended) during the pandemic. It gave him a purpose and a physical manifestation of progress when every day seemed like the day before. Several times a week he watched YouTube videos of different kinds of plants, both tip&tricks, and trends. He kept up-to-date on Instagram as well and his own followers seemed to enjoy the pictures he posted.
Laurence's apartment was almost a small rainforest; every surface that direct or indirect sunlight had a plant placed on top. Some even hung down from shelves and whatnot.

One day he saw an ad on Instagram for a beautiful plant. He was intrigued and went to visit the site. They were able to send him a leaf-cutting super cheap! He added one to his cart and included some organic growth mix as well (someone else on YouTube had recommended that brand).
Within a couple of days, the small leaf-cutting arrived. Laurence carefully read the instructions then placed the cutting in water in the best sunny spot he could find. He added a tiny bit of diluted growth mix and gave the rest of the portion to the other plants.

To Laurence's surprise, the next day he discovered the new plant had grown strong roots. Out of pure excitement, he transferred the small plant to some soil and gave it a bit more of the diluted growth mix. Throughout the day he looked gleefully at the small plant. It seemed like such a great addition!

The next morning was Saturday so Laurence was going to sleep in. But you can only sleep in if you eventually wake up. That morning he didn't sleep in because he had been suffocated by the new plant; it was growing strong and wild.


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