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It's been just another day

I wrote about this not long ago and Fiene commented on the subject too. Good enough is good enough. This was very true for me today. I had to record a 1-2 minute video for a job application and it took me an hour and a half to get through it.

At first, I tried to have a note I could read from/refer to but it looked way too obvious in the video. Then I just started going through what I wanted to say. When I fucked up, I went back to the top and started over.
I ended up with 25 videos after an hour and a half with only the last 55 seconds being usable of the last one. But that's what it's going to be. It's good enough. Even when the perfectionist in me wanted to correct some small details I didn't let her. I didn't enjoy the task (I always feel these video things are deeply humiliating and unfortunately it shows) and I wanted to be done with it.

If this video means so much, it's not the right company for me anyway. My time is also worth something. I'd rather put some effort into the cover letter instead (not too much though because I don't think anyone is going to spend much time reading it).

Walking through time

Something happened when Alma hit her mid-twenties. It wasn't the typical quarter-life crisis. It wasn't even a crisis at all. For all of her life up until that point, Alma had more or less moved through the universe in the spatial dimensions by her own will. This was how everyone else did life as well. Time had been something that was just there, nothing she had a choice about. Until she did.

The ability to move through time didn't just develop overnight. It happened incrementally and in the beginning, it was as difficult as walking and running is for a toddler. But slowly and surely Alma was in full control. She had learned the equivalent of sprinting and running long distances in the spatial dimensions. She easily moved forwards and backward in time.

She was only able to move within her own life’s timeline. Trying to go after her death or before the time she started to learn this ability presented a blockage, like a locked door. She was sure she could kick down this door if she wanted to but the consequences of this wasn’t something she was willing to deal with. She did know exactly when she was going to die though.

From her mid-twenties, Alma lived her life out of chronological order. Well for her it was chronological with one moment after another but for the rest of the world she seemed to appear and disappear randomly. She wasn’t able to control the world but she could freely choose where she would be in all three dimensions and time.


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