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It's all about how you look at it

It's been years since I've last taken an IQ test. For some reason, my friend and I ended up talking about our own score and both agreed to take the Mensa online test. I know he's stronger than me when it comes to these things but I was still disappointed when he beat me with 14 points. It doesn't matter that I beat my own score from when I was a young teenager with about the same amount of points. He beat me and that's annoying!

My score wasn't bad at all. I got 126 and I still had ~6 minutes left of the 40 minutes. The questions I guessed on were the ones that bored me. I know I'm not stupid. And yet, this feels like yet another failure and it's even worse because I knew exactly what I set myself up for when I agreed to take the test so I could compare scores with my friend.
I know this is beyond silly! IQs don't even tell that much about a person, their intelligence, or what greatness their future might or might not hold. My own score should be enough. But it just isn't and that's disappointing too.

Watching the future as it happens

I can see the future. It's only a couple of seconds. But it happens hundreds of times per day. I can't really change anything but I know what's going to happen and when I get that feeling, it always happens as I predict it. It's like what people describe at Deja Vu but I only have other people's descriptions of that since I have never experienced it myself. There are differences though, that I'm sure of.

It's a thing that runs in my family. Both my aunt and my maternal grandmother have it too. My grandmother has practiced it a lot and sometimes she even stops to receive a vision before she continues on with whatever she was doing. It's like watching a person buffer. It's fascinating and I hope that one day I'll be able to do that as well.
For now, I only get these small glimpses into the future and they unfold almost as fast as I receive them. I sometimes fantasize about what I would do if I could predict events hours or maybe even days in advance. That would be awesome and I would be so powerful.

As it is right now I get tired on days where I have more predictive visions than on the days I get less. Maybe it's being in contact with the universe and the greater powers of time that does it? I hope that's something I get better at controlling in the future as well.


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