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Individuals in a society

Everyone is talking about how tired they are of all the Covid-19 restrictions. I get it, I totally get it. I also wish things were normal, that I could visit my friends or have them come over to see my "new" apartment. But no one is doing this to punish us. The government doesn't gain anything from these long lockdowns.

I'm not saying people can't complain either. I think that's very natural. But if all you hear is complaining, things will feel a lot tougher than they are. And there will be a shared atmosphere of 'Urgh! These lockdowns are robbing us of our freedom', which is not the case.

We as humans have decided to live in a society. Just like being in a relationship, this comes with benefits and sacrifices. When going through a rough patch in a relationship, it doesn't help if you only complain about it. You have to put some effort into changing your situation. Right now we have a serious virus to defeat.
If your boat is taking in water, complaining will not make it go away. The water will not magically disappear if 20% of the people in the boat loudly disagree with the strategy of trying to get the water out of the boat. It just means the 80% of people left have more water to deal with.

We're getting closer to the end of the pandemic every day. Things will be easier if we actually work on getting to the end.


People who had chosen to be together as a couple were seen as perverse. Some thought they weren't mentally well. This chosen dependence on another person couldn't be healthy. No, not at all.
It had all been designed for the individual. Everything from homes, movie theaters, restaurants to resorts, public transport, and sidewalks. Nothing was sized for two people. It was sized for one person. Friends could of course do stuff together but they did so as two individuals. 1 x 2, always.

There was no law against coupling up. Things were just more difficult and there was no benefit to it, not financially nor practically. Being in a couple came with some sacrifices and lots of compromises.
Many couples didn't last long for this reason. The idea might seem nice and comfortable but reality didn't match. It was a lot of work for basically no benefit. Some claimed love as the driving force in this melting of lives but that is such an intangible thing, again with no benefit other than love itself.

Those who had made this atypical choice were looked down upon. They were lacking something and they believed they had found it in another person. Two half-people making one whole. But half a person can grow into a whole person with a little work. Being half a person means you can choose what the other half will be. Merging with another half-person means the other person has made the decision for you and you for them.
And so, even in the case of love, these people were often miserable and missing out.


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