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I don't like your boyfriend

I don't like your boyfriend and it sounds like you don't actually like him either.

I know relationships require work and compromises. I know it's not all great, that things get rough sometimes, but you find comfort in having that other person, always there.

If the main reason you cling to that other person is because‚Äč being on your own seems way worse than staying together‚Äč, then you need to stop and reflect a little about your life and your worth.

I have a couple of girl friends with boyfriends. They often bitch about their boyfriends, like girl friends do. And I get that. Relationships aren't always easy. It just seems like most of my friends are stuck in relationships because that requires the least amount of change.

I won't mention any names, but it seems like a lot of them are not appreciated‚Äč by their partner. Or their partner is highly manipulative. Or just a plain fucking dumbass who will forever have the brain of a teenager.

I've found strength and growth in my singleness to a degree that might be too much to most. I don't need a guy to be happy! My happiness‚Äč is not dependant on anyone but myself.
It hasn't always been like that.
I got my first real boyfriend at 15 and then spent my teens and early 20 in relationships. I was miserable‚Äč most of the time. I won't claim it was all because of being in relationships, but a lot of it was. And they were pretty normal relationships (at least the first and the last, the middle one was not great).

With all three of my relationships,‚Äč I stayed for way longer than I should. But I didn't really think it was desirable to be single. The goal in life is to find your person, right? Nope!
At some point,‚Äč I daydreamed about them dying. I think that's very normal and a clear sign you shouldn't be in that relationship! I thought they would be lost without me and I without them. Wrong again!

Not all relationships are terrible. But if you're in one (or you're single) you should watch Daniel Sloss' show 'Jigsaw'. It has some really great reflections worth spending a little bit of time on.

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