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I'm tired and feeling lonely

The discussion has once again looped back to newly graduated academics' laziness and lack of desire to contribute to society. Apparently, we want to land our dream job right out of university/academy and we are not willing to compromise. We find it beneath us to take a cleaning job or any other work that does not require an education. We are lazy and see it as our right to leach on the system.

Never mind that a lot of unskilled (is there a better word for this?) jobs are filled by the students who turn into leaching academics.
Never mind that a lot of people have not taken a longer education and therefore cannot take the jobs of academics but we are supposed to take up a spot in their pool of potentials.
Never mind that most employees want a worker who is 100% dedicated to the job and isn't actively seeking elsewhere (it costs every time you have to hire someone new).
Never mind that the positions we apply for within our field want relevant experience. Sure, some might say they appreciate it if an academic has worked as a cashier for a while after graduating but working 8 months as a COVID-19 tester on the frontline during a pandemic has not helped me. I have not been chosen for the positions I have applied for and landed interviews for because of my lack of relevant experience. Teaching at a university is not viewed as relevant experience. It has nothing to do with UX research.

I am sick and tired of this discussion. I did not get COVID-19 (plus some long COVID shit) and back issues just to be called lazy and unwilling to contribute. I want experience but no one wants to give me the chance to get that experience.

I'm not lazy, I'm frustrated and angry. And I'm tired of people telling me I should get any job while looking for my first job within my field. I did that, it got me nowhere.

Waking up

She woke up from a bad dream. It had seemed all too real. She felt as alone as she had ever felt. Her bed seemed like a vast field with her in the middle and no one around for miles. She felt like crying but no tears came. She turned to her other side and saw something across the room. It did not look familiar. It had a shimmer to it. At first she was afraid. Then her feeling of utter loneliness evaporated.

Whatever the thing was, it had a presence. It made her feel like she was no longer alone. She smiled a little and took a deep breath. The nightmare woke her up seemed to have almost left her body. "Thank you," she said out loud. "Thank you for being here," she said as she rolled onto her back. "You're welcome," the presence whispered and it should have scared her but it didn't. it was all okay, she wasn't alone. The presence moved closer and soon she was fast asleep never to experience loneliness in that home ever again. It would be the last time she saw or heard anything from the presence though. She barely even remembered it.


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By Kirstine Granzow Larsen 🥁

I recently got a Master's degree in IT Product Design and I'm currently looking for my first job! ✨

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