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Here I am and there they were

As I entered the site once more, I saw the title of Ilya's post and immediately began procrastinating writing today's words.
I think the last two and a half months will be difficult for me to finish. But I'm determined I'll do it!
I shared the story I wrote yesterday with the friend I dedicated it to. Her reaction to it really made my day. Even if it was just a silly story and not that big of a deal, it made her happy and in return, her joy made me happy. This just makes me even more hooked on the idea of creating a collection of my stories! I don't expect a massive success or a ton of attention (neither is my goal) but knowing other people read my stories and appreciate them, makes a difference to me. I didn't think it would be like that, but it is.

My dental pain is worse today than it has been in a while. I think the attention I give it feed the problem. I don't actually care too much right now because I just dug up an old idea from my brain box of creative projects. It excites me to no end! Tomorrow I'll see if I can begin to gather some of the material needed.

Same old story

As soon as they had left orbit, she put the ship in auto-pilot mode, turned off the red blinking alarm and went to investigate the cause. She told her co-captain of her plan and scolded her rebellious teenage sister for once again dragging dirt onboard her precious ship, on her way to the spaceship's mechanical room. She knew exactly where to go and she had a good idea of what the alarm-causing problem might be.

She popped open the ventilator hatch and expected a big ball of fluff or dust and dirt to be clogging the system as always. Instead, she found a small creature, cold and scared. She knew protocol was to place it in the airlock and flush it. Unknown creatures onboard spaceships could cause a lot of trouble. But this one was small and very cute. She didn't know the species but it looked harmless and seemed grateful to be picked up from the ventilation system so she placed it in her cabin with a bit of fluid and some food.

Protocol is not there to be broken and by morning, the ship had no crew. Bloody palmprints decorated the halls of the ship. If you placed your ear against the hull and listened carefully, you might have heard the echo of the screams from the crew as life left their body, one by one. A seemingly crewless ship drifting on the outer edge with only one detectable lifeform on board was something everyone knew to avoid. Protocols exist for a reason.


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